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After being inspired by sponsoring just one family for thanksgiving, I decided to be involved with a prestigious group called Feed a Family.  This foundation was responsible for feeding more than 750 family's whom otherwise would not have enjoyed a Christmas dinner without help from another source.  The feeling that I felt, while feeding just one family I wanted to share with others, so I posted a sign up sheet on my office for any employees who would be interested in donating some of their time for this great cause.  I was not surprised at all to see that  several of my employees  wanted to share that same feeling.  Some donated days of labor and some just hours, but they all helped to provide a better Christmas for hundreds of family's.  The best part was we did it all from the heart.  Since Christmas several people of whom we met during this evolution have come into Logan's to visit!!

Mike Antio, Logan's Roadhouse #216, Myrtle Beach, SC