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Country Fried Chicken Tenders - Hand-breaded, served with zesty honey mustard, BBQ sauce and french fries.

Roadhouse Cheese Fries - With chili too.

Roadhouse 'Shrooms - Hand-battered fresh mushrooms with a rockin' horseradish sauce.


Buffalo Hot Wings

Smokin' Hot Grilled Wings - Two skewers of grilled wings with a smokin' hot chipotle sauce flavored with TABASCO®.

Queso Dip - Zesty cheese queso dip with blac bean and corn salsa topped with our chipotle sour cream and served with fresh tortilla chips.

Fried Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Loaded Potato Skins

Rockin' Onion Petals - A basket od crispy fried onion petals with our texan petal sauce.

Baby Back Rib Basket - Served with fries.

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All salads served with Logans fresh, made-from-scratch yeast rolls. Mesquite Wood-Grilled Chicken - Fresh Romaine and iceburg lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, shredded cheese, bacon, red onion, and hard-boiled egg topped with our tender boneless chicken breast.

Also with Grilled or Fried Shrimp, or Grilled Steak.

NEW Chicken Salad Salad - Assorted fresh fruit served over a bed of crisp lettuce then topped with our homemade chicken salad and glazed pecans.

Anything & Everything Salad - A little bit of this, a little bit of that make a terrific combination. Romaine lettuce, diced egg, bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, tomatoes, red onion, toasted walnuts, dried cranberries and mesquite-grilled chicken.

Fried Chicken Salad - Fresh Romaine and iceburg, tomatoes, shredded cheese, bacon, red onion, hard-boiled egg and mushrooms, topped with hand-breaded fried chicken tenders.

Kickin’ Logan’s Chickin’ Salad - Blackened chicken over fresh Romaine and iceburg, tomatoes, red onion, hard-boiled egg, mushrooms, shredded cheese, a Roasted Corn and Black Bean Salsa and crispy tortilla strips.

Logan’s Club Salad - Ham, turkey, bacon, shredded cheese, egg, onions and tomatoes over fresh salad greens.

Mesquite-Grilled Salmon Caesar* - A tossed to order Caesar salad, topped with a mesquite grilled Salmon fillet.
-Subsitute chicken for salmon

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Old-Fashioned Cheeseburger* - With your choice of Swiss, Monterey Jack or cheddar cheese.

Roadhouse Deluxe Burger* - With bacon, shredded sheese, Brewski Onions®, sautéed  mushrooms and Roadhouse BBQ sauce.

French Dip Sandwich* - Roast beef, Brewski Onions and mushrooms topped with melted Swiss  cheese on a French roll; au jus for dipping.

Ribeye Steak Sandwich* - A 6-ounce Rib-Eye Steak on a toasted hoagie roll with lettuce, tomato  and onion.

Hot Roast Beef Sandwich* - Piled high on Texas toast with gravy and mashed potatoes.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich - No bones about it, Logan's Buffalo Chicken Sandwich soars above all others.

Mesquite-Grilled Chicken Sandwich - smothered with our own Parmesan Peppercorn dressing.

Deluxe Grilled Chicken Sandwich - With bacon, shredded cheese, Brewski Onions®, sautéed mushrooms and Roadhouse BBQ sauce.

Logan's Club Sandwich - Ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, Swiss and cheddar cheese served on our special toasted bread.

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Onion Brewski® Sirloin* - Our signature 8-ounce USDA Choice Sirloin stacked on top of Amberbock® beer-braised onions, smothered with garlic butter and topped with crispy onions.

"The Logan®" 11oz.* - Our biggest and best sirloin steak.

Sirloin 8oz.*

Sirloin 6oz.*

Rib-Eye 12oz.*

Rib-Eye 16oz.*

Teriyaki Club Steak* - An 8-ounce center cut sirloin, marinated in our special blend of teriyakisauce, pineapple juice, herbs and spices.

New York Strip 12oz.*

Filet Mignon 6oz.*

Roadhouse Filet Mignon 9oz.*

T-Bone 16oz.*

Porterhouse 20oz.* - For the big steak lover.

Chopped Sirloin Steak* - Smother it with Brewski Onions®, sautéed mushrooms and gravy.

NEW Country Fried Steak - Our Choice 6 ounce sirloin breaded & fried, then served with white pepper gravy.

Rare / cold red center • Medium Rare / Warm red center
Medium / Warm pink center • Medium Well / Thin Line of pink
Well-Done / As far to the other side of "rare" as you can get

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Logan's Mesquite-Grilled Chicken - A fresh boneless chicken breast smothered with our own  Parmesan Peppercorndressing. Served over a bed of rice.

Teriyaki Grilled Chicken - Marinated in a blend of teriyaki sauce, pineapple juice, herbs and  spices. Served over a bed of rice.

Southwest BBQ Chicken - A fresh 8-ounce boneless chicken breast topped with BBQ Sauce, Jack and Cheddar cheeses, Brewski Onions®, sautéed mushrooms, bacon and tomatoes.  Served over a bed of rice.

Country Fried Chicken Tenders Dinner - Fresh, hand-breaded chicken tenders served with zestyhoney mustard and BBQ sauce.

Santa Fe Tilapia - Slightly spicy and sizzlin' with flavor, our twin Tilapia fillets are seasoned and grilled to perfection. Served with our warm Roasted Corn and Black Bean salsa. Topped with  tortilla strips.

Southern Fried Catfish - Two farm-raised catfish fillets, lightly breaded in a traditional cornmeal  breading.

Coastal Carolina Shrimp - Nothin' gets better than this - big tender freshly breaded and fried golden brown. Available Mesquite Grilled.

Mesquite-Grilled Salmon* - A 10-ounce fillet of the best Salmon.



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Mesquite-Grilled Pork Chops

The hometown favorite, two grilled to perfection pork chops served with cinnamon apples.

Logan's Famous Baby Back Ribs

Slow-cooked, moist and tender.
Full Portion and Half Portion available

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Filet & Shrimp - A tender and hand cut filet cooked over mesquite wood and served
with a half order of Coastal Carolina Shrimp.

Chicken & Shrimp - Grilled chicken breast with a half order of grilled or fried shrimp.

BBQ Ribs & Chicken - Grilled chicken breast with half order of spicy BBQ Ribs.

Steak & Shrimp* - Petite sirloin steak with half order of grilled or fried shrimp.

Steak & BBQ Ribs* - Our petite sirloin with a half order of spicy BBQ ribs.

BBQ Ribs & Shrimp - Spicy BBQ Ribs with half order of grilled or fried shrimp.

Chicken & Steak* - Grilled chicken breast with petite sirloin.

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Available 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Monday thru Friday

Specially priced lunch selections prepared to order in UNDER 15 MINUTES. (Well-done may take a few minutes longer.) Salads served with fresh, made-from-scratch yeast rolls; and sandwiches with homestyle potato chips.

Anything & Everything Salad

Mesquite Wood-Grilled Chicken Salad
with Grilled Steak

Fried Chicken Salad

Logan's Club Salad

Kickin' Logans Chickin' Salad

Mesquite-Grilled Salmon Caesar Salad

Half Club & Soup Bowl or House Salad

Baked or Sweet Potato & House Salad

Old-Fashioned Cheeseburger*

Roadhouse Deluxe Burger*

Ribeye Steak Sandwich

Mesquite-Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Deluxe Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Southern Fried Catfish**

 (with salad and side)

Mesquite-Grilled Salmon**

(with salad and side)

Sante Fe Tilapia**

(with salad and side)

**Lunch-Sized Portions of our Seafood Entrees


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Brewski Onions® - Our signature Amberbock® beer braised onions

Logan's Sweet Potato

Baked Potato

Mashed Potatoes


Rice Pilaf

Sautéed Mushrooms

Cinnamon Apples

Fresh Vegitables

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Mini Buckets - Mini peanut buckets with layers of flavors. The bucket is yours to keep.

Nutter Butter® Fudgeslide - Chilled chocolate mousse, fudge & Nutter Butter® Topping with whipped cream.

Strawberry Cheesecake - Cheesecake with graham cracker crumbs & strawberry
sauce, topped with whipped cream.

Chocolate Brownie - Pieces of fudge brownie, chocolate sauce and a mini scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Big & Chewy Hot Fudge Brownie

Extras & Sides PDF Print E-mail


Loaded Baked Potato

"Overloaded" Mashed Potatoes - Blended with sour cream, butter, shredded cheese and bacon pieces, then topped with more shredded cheese.

Macaroni & Cheese

Grilled Vegetable Skewer

House Salad



Brewski Onions® - Our signature Amberbock® beer braised onions

Logan's Sweet Potato, Baked Potato, Mashed Potatoes, Fries, Rice Pilaf, Sautéed Mushrooms, Cinnamon Apples, Fresh Vegitables